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As you know on 25 April 11:56 local time there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 which killed 8.000 people and injured 16.000 people. 450.000 people are displaced. A second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 hit Nepal on 12 May 12:35 and again on 16 May (5.7). The number of aftershocks are more than 100.

All the people directly related to Y.A.U.C. are safe. They are staying on the campus of a local school in some tents, have fresh water and food but it's getting difficult to supply this day by day. The house is damaged, water and toilets are not working. However with some repairs we expect that the house is suitable to live in again. At the time of writing the house has not been safe enough to move in.

It's getting harder and harder to get food on daily basis. There is a health risk due to the lack of hygiene.  Also the mental health of the children is getting an issue. Therefor Tej Prasad has decided to go the eastern part of Nepal temporarily. In this area Y.A.U.C. has built a primary school and running it for the "landless and untouchables" since 2010. Also the family of Tej Prasad and his wife are living in this area which gives them access to fresh water, food and a safe place to sleep. They arrived there safely on the 11 May. So children are sick but under control for the moments.

The real problem to deal with is the fact that the house of the landlord is destroyed. As a result they will be homeless within 2-3 months. Renting a house or something similar is not an option as many buildings are destroyed and or damaged in the area of Kathmandu. For now the goal is to build a new home. For now this is the only option. Moving outside Kathmandu can result into big problems for the future as Y.A.U.C. As they are depending of the support coming out of Kathmandu and also better education facilities for the children available in the capital.

Using Tej Prasad words: "this is the biggest challenge of my life"

But we believe it is not an unrealistic idea to build a house in Kathmandu and people who volunteered and visited in the past have seen the result of the work which Tej Prasad and his family has realized.

  • 15 children who are getting education and be taken care off.
  • a school has been build and is in use now for approximately 100 children. These children did not have access to education before.
  • a project has been set up to teach widows and divorced women’s to learn the skills to make an income.

With some help we should be able to give the children a home again and get them back to school. The sooner this has been realized the sooner Tej Prasad and his family can pick up new projects to help Nepal building its future.

As a final comment we would like to mention that Y.A.U.C. is an independent NGO who is highly dependent of local support, organizations, donations and volunteers.


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