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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to email us any question you have, and we will post them here with answers if we find them to be useful to the general public.

Q: Where is YAUC?

A: YAUC is 3/4 Km south-east of the main intersection of the Chabahil district of Kathmandu.  Kathmandu is the capitol of Nepal, a Himalayan country situated between India and Tibet.

South Asia map

Q: Who volunteers at YAUC?

A: Anyone is welcome to volunteer their time for us.  Usually it's assumed you're not from Nepal because the people of this country are generally too poor to have such extra time and freedom as a Gap year affords.  Though we have just recently started working with volunteers, there are over 1000 orphanages in Kathmandu, so many people come here specifically to volunteer for a couple weeks or months if they have a break from school or work and are interested in an interesting combination of good-will, and exotic travel.

Q: How long have you been in operation?

A: Since 1999.

Q: Is there any way I can help without donating money?

A: Yes, and since flying here to volunteer costs money too, I assume you mean from the comfort of home.  We understand that for a multitude of reasons some people may be unable, or ambivalent to send money to strangers.  But since running an orphanage is such a big job, we always have small jobs to be done by so-called long-distance volunteers.  We can provide you with a small task or two, depending on your ability and office skills, which you can complete from your own home, or office.

Q: I found you because I am looking to adopt from abroad.  What can you tell me about Nepal and YAUC?

A: Great question!  Though also controversial.  You may know this, but there is a significant number of people who share the sentiment that adopting from a foreign country is wrong.  They point to the facts that there is little assurance of the childs well-being after adoption.  Another point is that you are separating a child from their culture, language, and thus, identity.  It may seem altruistic at first, but the novelty wears off for the parents, and the child is faced with some very hard issues that may or may not be worse for their health and psychology than staying an orphan back in their own culture.  On the other hand, we do not hold this belief here at YAUC.  The dilemma you do face when adopting in Nepal is an infuriating system of bureaucracy, contradictory rules, and corruption.  You may arrive in Nepal only to have to wait 5 months to even be allowed to see your adopted child for the first time!  YAUC hopes to welcome new children soon who will be the first adoptable children here at YAUC.  And lastly, not all orphans are allowed to be adopted.  You will have to be patient, but hundreds of happy adopted families are created each year in Nepal despite all the frustrations.


Donate Volunteers

One of our Dutch volunteers, Hans, has set up a bank account in The Netherlands. It makes it very easy for anyone to donate. You can basically just transfer money to this bank account using online banking.

Or you can make a donation using Paypal.




If you are thinking about volunteering, please fill out the Application Form. Please supply as much information as you feel comfortable with so we can answer questions appropriately and understand your needs. We will reply by 9:00am (Nepal Time). We will carefully walk you through each step, and prepare you for your stay.