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We at YAUC are always trying to improve the lives of the children. However, being a non-profit organization, we are unable to provide everything we'd like without assistance. We often rely on the good-will of the local shops to provide the smaller needs of the children, but of course these needs are not always met. This section is dedicated to detailing specific upcoming and past projects.

Here is the current list of items and projects we are hoping to offer the children with your donations:
  • House Rent
  • Books for Library
    (English books and picture books are always wanted)
  • Food sponsorship
  • Fruit
  • Soap/Towels
  • Gas for cooking
  • Transportation and Field Trip Sponsorship
    (Bus fare and entrance fees are cheap but are a healthy activity for our children to partake in)
  • Yearly School Uniforms (April)

    donated toys

    * Toys donated by Concord Book Club, February 2005

    donated clothing

    * Wooden beds donated by Concord Book Club, February 2005

    donated clothing

    * Clothing donated by Liz Deacon, May 2005

Donate Volunteers

One of our Dutch volunteers, Hans, has set up a bank account in The Netherlands. It makes it very easy for anyone to donate. You can basically just transfer money to this bank account using online banking.

Or you can make a donation using Paypal.




If you are thinking about volunteering, please fill out the Application Form. Please supply as much information as you feel comfortable with so we can answer questions appropriately and understand your needs. We will reply by 9:00am (Nepal Time). We will carefully walk you through each step, and prepare you for your stay.